Haryana woman’s shows amazing skill by balancing LPG cylinders

Haryana:  A woman from Haryana has gone viral in a video where she balances two gas cylinders and a copper pot on her head while dancing in a saree. Shared by @_neetu_5650, the video has amassed over 52,118 likes and numerous comments.

The woman describes herself on her YouTube channel, “Mrs Neetu,” stating that she is known for balancing various items on her head and claims to be the “number one” in Haryana for this skill.

She posts various videos on her Instagram account and YouTube channel, showcasing her balancing multiple LPG cylinders, water tanks, and copper water pots atop steel glasses while spinning a hula hoop and standing on a small steel plate.

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Social media users quickly praised her unique ability. One user admired her by asking how she did it and calling her fantastic. Another user likened her to the saying that a woman can lift the whole house on her head. A third user commented that her performance was very beautiful and well-expressed.

Neetu currently has 58.7K followers on Instagram and over 164K subscribers on YouTube.

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