Happy Friendship Day 2022: Do You Have These 6 Qualities That Make A Good Friend?

HAPPY FRIENDSHIP DAY 2022: Friendship is one of the most important relationships in our lives. A good friend will always be there for you on your good and bad days. Life becomes easier when you have a friend standing by you. While some make many friends throughout their life, others are selective in their approach. Knowing what makes the great ones stand out from the rest will help you choose the right ones around you. Empathy, respect, and mutual care are some of the qualities in a person that make him/her irreplaceable.

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Following are some characteristics of a good friend:

  1. Acceptance
    When your friends accept you for who you are as a person, you can be yourself and not feel guilty about it. They will always make you feel comfortable when you’re around them.
  2. Non-judgemental
    A true friend is also a family member, and families do not judge us for who we are. Even on the craziest day, a good friend will be non-judgemental and will listen to everything that you’re going through.
  3. Honesty
    Some friends will only stay with you because of material things, and some will stay with you because of who you are as a person. When the whole world is lying to you, an honest friend will help you see the reality of life and still choose to be with you. Honesty will only make your friendship base strong and respectful.
  4. Trustworthy
    A trustworthy friend is based on two important factors: reliability and dependability. This should be a two-way process. A reliable and dependable friend is someone who will stay with you when the world is against you.
  5. Loyal
    Loyalty is a very important quality in a person as it speaks a lot about them. Being loyal in all your relationships is important and will make your bond stronger. A true friend will always be loyal even behind your back and be there for you.
  6. Supportive
    A good friend will always support you and cheer for you no matter what. Friends who are supportive will understand who you are as a person and will be there for you through thick and thin. A healthy friendship won’t let people or petty things come in between them.

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