Happy Birthday V: BTS star Kim Taehyung’s solo songs prove her soul is as deep as her voice

Kim Taehyung aka V is celebrating his 26th birthday (27 by Korean age) on 30 December. The South Korean singer-songwriter is a vocalist of the iconic K-pop group BTS. Hailed as one of the most charismatic voices in K-pop, We are also responsible for writing some soulful songs like Winter Bears and Blue & Grey. In addition to the Grammy-nominated septet, V’s popularity can also be attributed to the solo tracks he released.

One of the prettiest musical artists, V’s voice shines through even during his live performances and covers, some of which are better than the original. The melodious voice of the musical genius never fails to touch the hearts of the fans. The following tracks by V show his love for calming numbers that soothe the soul, a mood he goes to over and over again when creating a song.


Without labeling it as a single, V managed to gain immense popularity with the introduction of this song. The band released the number more like a comeback. At the time, the music video became the group’s fastest MV, clocking a record-breaking 10 million views in 15 hours.


V’s first official single came back in 2016. Released before BTS’ album Wings, the singer’s first independent track was launched without a music video. However, a short film was uploaded to the group’s YouTube channel.

winter bear

V wrote this song in English and it melted my heart. He also directed the heart-wrenching music video that released in 2019. A treat to the ears, the song proved V’s mettle beyond being a BTS singer. On SoundCloud, V became the most streamed Korean solo artist by the end of 2019.

good night

Released as a part of the official soundtrack (OST) of the K-drama titled Itawan Class, the song’s lyrics are heartwarming and touching. The soft melody and angelic portion of V’s voice left the fans emotional. Composed by him, V beat powerhouse singer Adele to become the artist with the most number of iTunes numbers in history.


It is a fan-favorite track as V took the cover photo of the song while he was the composer and writer. Humming melodically on top of a soft piano melody, V and his many talents will never go unnoticed and his fans are always eager to see more of his upcoming mixtapes.

inner child

V sang and wrote this song for his younger self. Through the song, he reassures young V that everything will be all right eventually, reminding fans of his childhood. RM aka Namjoon co-wrote the song.

snow flowers

It’s a different take on a Christmas song with some electric guitar vibes. V’s collaboration with Peakboy made it a perfect choice for chilly mornings. V’s melodious voice took fans to Winter Wonderland.

Happy Birthday V! We hope you release your mixtape soon.

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