Hamsa Nandini opens up about her cancer diagnosis and her fight against the disease in an encouraging Instagram post

Telugu actress Hamsa Nandini opened up about her cancer diagnosis in an emotional post on Instagram on Monday morning. “No matter what life throws at me, no matter how unfair it may seem, I refuse to play the victim. I refuse to be ruled by fear, pessimism, and negativity. I refuse to leave. With courage and love, I will carry on,” she began by writing her note.

The actress continued, “One morning 4 months ago, I felt a lump in my breast and the trauma of my mother, who I had lost to cancer, came out. Within hours, I went for my first mammogram. Arrived at a mammography center. I was immediately asked to see a surgical oncologist to discuss the type of biopsy that needed to be done. My fears were confirmed. I was diagnosed with grade III invasive carcinoma (breast cancer) , and the hype ensued; the trauma of my mother’s battle with cancer plunged me into a valley of waking nightmares. We all have such grand plans for our lives; As far as I’m concerned, None of the adjustments were enough to accommodate the disease that had become a proverbial tumor of my precious time.”

Talking about her diagnosis and treatment, she wrote, “With intense consultations from surgical oncologists, PET scans and other tests, I learned that I would have to undergo a lumpectomy, 16 cycles of chemotherapy and radiation. I felt a sense of déj vu while reminiscing about the cancer battle that ended after he passed away, when he gave it a valiant fight. I was also asked to undergo a genetic test called BRCA because of the possibility of it I was told that my cancer was hereditary. I tested positive for the BRCA1 mutation and my battle turned into an absolute war. I was told that in my entire life there was another 70% risk of developing breast cancer and developing ovarian cancer. There was a 45% chance. I realized that my battle was not over with lumpectomy, chemotherapy and radiation. I would have to undergo several prophylactic surgeries during the next three years. It is impossible to eliminate all risks and as long as I live cancer The danger will remain.”

She continued, “At the moment, I’ve already gone through nine cycles of chemo, and I have seven more to go. When I see myself changing physically and mentally, I feel a sense of acceptance within myself. I try to create emotion. My behavior is a true reflection of how I have carried this fight so far and I will not let it get to me. This mindset is the true strength and the driving force of this long journey ahead. is the starting point. Decoding that mindset, I realized that I had inherited my mother’s irrepressible optimism during my battle with the same cancer I lost at the young age of 40. She taught me that Some of the biggest adversities often have to be kept as some. The strongest opportunities for a bigger cause. From that point of view this journey has provided me with an added responsibility, a new purpose in my life has been added. As far as acting is concerned, which will always be my first love, I will come back stronger. That’s my word.”

However, the actress is determined not to let this deadly disease overwhelm her or weaken her spirits. Instead, she seeks to inspire a meaningful environment for people to explore, understand and deal with this menace in a cohesive manner.

Have a look at his post:

The actress also thanked her fans and followers who inquired about her absence. She assured them that she is under the care of an extraordinary team of doctors and with the support of her family, friends and film fraternity, she is fighting a spirited battle.

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