Half the body was cut from the train, lying down without suffering..Watch VIDEO: For 10 minutes remained calm as if lying down, tears kept flowing; then slowly the eyes closed

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Kanpura few moments ago

A railway employee committed suicide by jumping on the tracks in front of a train in Kanpur on Monday. He was posted as a trackman in the Railways. A disturbing video of this suicide has surfaced. It is seen in the video that even after half the body was cut under the train, the employee is lying completely calm. It was as if he was lying quietly on the tracks. Didn’t even make a sound. Tears were just coming out of my eyes. After 10 minutes his eyes slowly closed.

It can be seen in the video that some people are asking the trackman about the reason behind his suicide. The employee is telling in the injured condition that he was not given leave. Had to go to brother-in-law’s wedding.

suicide at panki station
The GRP soldiers, who arrived on the information of this incident of suicide at Panki station, took possession of the body of the trackman. The incident was reported to his family. On hearing about the death of the husband, his wife fainted. There was chaos in the house after the incident. On information, the police reached and engaged in the investigation.

Died because of not getting leave
The relatives told that Ramesh’s brother-in-law had a Tilak ceremony on Tuesday. The wedding is on February 19. Ramesh had sought leave from his in-charge PWI Chitresh Kumar Tiwari to attend the Tilak ceremony. He was upset because of not getting leave. In this trouble, on Monday, Ramesh committed suicide by jumping in front of the train at Panki station.

Police is probing the whole matter.

Police is probing the whole matter.

was a resident of Fatehpur
Ramesh Yadav was working as a trackman in the railways at Panki station itself. He lived in the Acid Mill Railway Colony located in Fazalganj. Ramesh along with his wife and 5-year-old son were also living here. Ramesh is originally said to be a resident of Bhatpurwa Fatehpur.

job in father’s place
Trackman Ramesh Yadav’s friends told that in 2014 he got a job in place of his father Dharampal Yadav. Since then, he was living in Acid Mill Railway Colony with his wife and son from Fatehpur. The relatives told that Ramesh’s father-in-law Ramchandra Yadav was also in the railways.

Due to excessive bleeding, the organs become empty, so there is no pain
Experts are assuming excessive bleeding as the reason for Ramesh not feeling pain even after half his body was cut by the train. Dr. Praveen Katiyar, Director of Health Science Department of CSJM University, Kanpur, said that many times due to excessive bleeding, the parts of the body become zero and the pain ends. Apart from this, how much pain the young man can tolerate, it also depends on it.

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