Gulshan Devaiah opens up about his ex-wife; reveals they are still very much in love – Times of India

Gulshan Devaiah, who is separated from his wife Kallirroi Tziafeta, recently revealed that they share a cordial relationship and are still very much in love.

In an interview with a news portal, Gulshan said that his ex-wife and he are very much in love. According to him, they just couldn’t make the marriage work. But, the love is there. The actor added that he always knew that just love is not enough to make the marriage work. Marriage is a responsibility, too. You have to constantly be willing to negotiate with each other to go through life together and that can be hard. That’s the only reason the actor said they are divorced.

Elaborating further, he added that they are very much in each other’s lives, but not like lovers. They adore and help each other. When asked if divorce has changed the definition of love for him, Devaiah stated that it has not. Instead, he wants to fall in love again, but doesn’t want to chase it. He is not sure if he is open to having children, though. But that’s negotiable, Gulshan told Hindustan Times.

Talking about his divorce, Devaiah stated that he never thought his marriage would go wrong. Although the actor admitted that he did see a lot of his friends’ marriages fall apart — Kalki Koechlin and filmmaker Anurag Kashyap being the famous ones. The actor added that he thought that wouldn’t happen to him. However, it did and they couldn’t make it work.