Gujarat: Pregnant friend plotted Valsad singer’s murder | Surat News – Times of India

SURAT: A pregnant woman hatched the plot to eliminate Valsad-based singer Vaishali Balsara, whose body was found in a car on August 28, by hiring two contract killers.
The sensational revelation was made by Valsad police who cracked the case and arrested Balsara’s friend Babita Kaushik who had borrowed Rs 25 lakh from the singer a year ago. Much to Kaushik’s annoyance, Balsara had been pressuring her to return the money, police said.
Kaushik, who became close friends with Balsara a year ago, is eight-month pregnant.
Investigation revealed that Kaushik had called Balsara near a diamond factory in Vashiyar on August 27. As per the plan, she parked her moped a kilometre away and went to meet Balsara in a rickshaw. She sat in the car with Balsara to discuss the dispute and left after the two contract killers reached there.
The two killers were Kaushik’s friends on social media and she offered to give them Rs 8 lakh, which she was planning to give to Balsara. They were told to collect the money after the murder.
“We had some clues that suggested Kaushik’s involvement but due to her pregnancy, it was challenging to grill her. A medical officer was kept throughout the questioning and she confessed after multiple attempts to mislead the cops,” said a senior police officer.
Misleading cops turns out to be misadventure
Police had Babita Kaushik’s call records and CCTV footage about her suspicious movement at the crime spot.
In fact, police tricked Kaushik by allowing her to mislead the investigators. “Kaushik told police that she met Balsara on August 27 evening and saw two men with her. She claimed to have seen the face of one man. Police deliberately showed her a photo of another man who knew Balsara. She immediately claimed that he was the same man she saw and was caught misleading the cops,” the officer added.
As police revealed details of her plot, Kaushik realized that she had been trapped and confessed. Police teams are camping in different parts of the country to nab the two contract killers.
Police are now trying to ascertain how Balsara arranged for such a big amount to lend Kaushik. Cops suspect that being a singer, she would not have so much cash with her. Balsara’s husband was not aware that she had lent such a huge amount to Kaushik. Balsara’s parents and siblings live in Canada.