Gucci’s latest campaign impresses netizens over the use of real tigers in photoshoots

Italian haute couture brand Gucci recently launched its latest campaign inspired by the Chinese year of the tiger. The Gucci Tiger campaign launched earlier this month has been described by the brand as a “celebration of the year of the tiger”.

The Gucci Tiger Collection houses a wide range of ready-to-wear and accessories, featuring various animal representations. Helmed by Gucci creative director Alessandro Michele, the latest collection has been described by the luxury brand as a reflection of their fascination for nature.

Photos from the latest campaign include models dressed in the collection, however, what has become a matter of controversy is the use of real tigers in the photoshoot. Netizens and animal rights groups have expressed their concern about the presence of real animals in the campaign. According to a report by WWD, World Animal Protection US informed Gucci US about its concern over the use of luxury brand tigers in its Gucci Tiger collection campaign, and asked it to stop using wild animals in its promotional campaigns. said.

In her defense, Gucci noted in her Instagram post, “Nature, wildlife and its inhabitants are especially important to Gucci, who joined The Lion Share Fund in February 2020, which seeks to protect endangered species and their natural habitats. A unique initiative to raise much needed funds for defence. ,

The Instagram post also mentioned that a third-party animal welfare organization, American Humane, monitored the set on which the animals were present and verified that no animals were harmed. The caption accompanying the Gucci Tiger Campaign post also mentioned, “The tigers were photographed following Gucci’s policies and were filmed in an isolated safe environment and then shown within the campaign.”

However, netizens have expressed their concern, as one of the users commented, “It’s not really hard to leave animals out of photos that were filmed in a safe environment, it means absolutely nothing when you’re literally skinning animals.” make use of.” Another user pointed to Gucci’s apparent double standards, writing, “Don’t Gucci have leather bags still selling? What about that? When will this stop?”

One flaming citizen remarked, “The tiger is not a pet.”

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