‘Gross Stuff’: Bengaluru Doctor Finds Oily Liquid in Amul Ice Cream Ordered From Zepto, Shares Pic – News18

Bengaluru woman calls out Amuls' declining quality of ice cream after finding 'oily liquid' in it (Photo Credits: X)

Bengaluru woman calls out Amuls’ declining quality of ice cream after finding ‘oily liquid’ in it (Photo Credits: X)

Woman in Bengaluru gets an ‘oily, frothy liquid’ in Amul ice cream ordered from Zepto, company apologises.

Imagine eagerly ordering a tub of ice cream to satisfy your cravings, only to find something gross inside. It’s the stuff of nightmares, but for a woman in Bengaluru, this disappointing scenario became all too real. She shared her experience of ordering Amul ice cream through the grocery delivery app Zepto, only to receive a tub of ‘oily, frothy liquid.’

Taking to ‘X’, Dr. Nandita Iyer, a food and health columnist, posted a picture of the ‘liquid’ she encountered in the ice cream she ordered online. “Wonder what Amul is adding to their ice creams these days. Ordered Amul vanilla gold from @ZeptoNow and opened it instantly. An oily frothy liquid has separated out. Gross stuff.” She didn’t stop there, criticising Zepto for likely not keeping their freezer powered on, resulting in the spoiled product.

The post quickly went viral, sparking a flurry of comments from the public. One user lamented, “The standard of all Amul’s products have gone down the drain…… Some serious checking needs to be done by the Commissioner of Food Safety & the Assistant Food Controllers of every Indian city.  This is a serious matter. Only entertaining us with d cute Amul girl will not do!”

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Another shared their own experience, saying, “When I kept it in freezer for quite some time..there was a translucent ice cream that I saw… I realised it’s because of vegetables oil..if you see ingredients vegetable oil is a big chunk.”

A third user added, “The last 3 times I ordered dairy from Zepto I had food poisioning (in Mumbai) – 3 times in a row! Have stopped ordering fresh goods from them now despite how fast and good the service is, just can’t risk it. Zepto clearly expanded too fast and don’t have chilled storage capacity.”

Zepto acknowledged the viral post, responding, “We regret this unpleasant experience. Could you please DM us your registered contact details or order ID? Our team will shortly get in touch with you.”

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Since being shared, the post has garnered over 500K views, drawing significant attention to the issue.