Green Heroes: Government school student converts campus into a garden

The campus of a government school in Koppal district has been turned into a beautiful garden by a teacher and students. Amid the lockdown, teachers and students of Gangavati Taluk Laxmikamp Government School visited there and watered the plants without stopping.

Now it is surrounded by lots of trees and ornamental plants. There is about 10 gunta space in the school campus and around 200 saplings have been planted, mostly ornamental plants. Trees of varieties like Badam, Kona Corpus, Langast, Neem, Curry Weed, Hebbevu, etc. are also planted. The alumni of the school also shook hands with the students present. They also contribute to the cause by donating plants and giving money to maintain the garden.

Lakshmikamp is a small village near Kuntoji in Koppal district. There are about 60 houses in the village. It is on the branch of Tungabhadra river which is the main source of drinking water and agricultural needs for Koppal district.

There is a Government Junior Primary School in the village where 23 students are studying. The school’s teacher Somu Kudrihla started the initiative in 2007. Kudrihala was originally from Chanderipur in Haveri district. He has been teaching students in this village for almost a decade and a half.

Kudrihala has introduced farming and tree planting as part of the curriculum and is bringing environmental awareness among children. He also grows organic vegetables and distributes them to children for their healthy diet. But since the lockdown, he has stopped growing vegetables but continues to plant trees and water them.

Anil, an alumnus of this school, who is not studying for his first degree, comes every day after college with his friends and waters the plants without fail. Villagers say that children are growing up in an environment where they get a chance to learn about the importance of farming and protecting nature.

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