Govt capable of restoring assets to Kashmiri migrants: Nityanand Rai tells Rajya Sabha

Union Minister of State for Home Nityanand Rai said in Rajya Sabha on Wednesday that the Modi government is competent and making efforts to restore the property to Kashmiri migrants and so far the properties of 610 applicants have been returned.

Responding to questions asked during the Question Hour in the Upper House, the Minister said that the District Magistrate has been designated as the custodian of the properties of the migrants. The state government has also started a portal for redressal of grievances of migrants.

“The Modi government and the home minister have been able to return the property to the migrant Kashmiris. Continuous efforts are being made,” he said. If the complaint of the migrants is true and correct, their property will be returned. He said that so far the properties of 610 applicants have been returned. Stating that Jammu and Kashmir is on the path of development, the Minister while replying to a supplementary question said that the state has received an investment proposal of Rs 51,000 crore for industrial development which will help in generating employment opportunities for 4.50 lakh people. will help.

With the construction of about 13 roads, better access has been achieved in the state. The speed of construction before 2019 was 6.54 km per day, which has now increased to 20,68 km per day. A village housing over 1,000 people is connected by roads. He said that a habitation with 500 people would also get a road connection. The minister further said that due to more power generation, there is 24 hours power supply. Even IITs and IIMs have been established.

Responding to another supplement on rising unemployment, the minister said employment and people’s confidence has increased in the state. Around 26,303 posts have been identified in the state since 2019 till date. He said the process of recruitment is underway, and an employment portal has been set up, counseling sections and career centers have been set up in the state. On the promise of jobs for migrant Kashmiri, the minister said that the state government has given jobs to 841 in 2020-21 and 1,264 in 2021-22.

He said that the government is ready to provide jobs to migrant Kashmiris who want to settle back in their home state. On the status of the development package announced in 2015 for the state, the minister said Rs 58,466 crore had been sanctioned as part of the package.

“Projects are being implemented fast. Several projects have been implemented. Those that have been completed have been inspected and if there are any shortfalls, they are addressed,” he said and added, “Soon all projects will be implemented.

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