Google TV will now be quick, smooth and less ‘irritating’ – Times of India

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Two years ago, the search giant first announced its revamped OS for televisions, Google TV. Despite improving the content discovery experience, Google TV has been slow and not really up to the mark. Google finally heard the complaints and is now releasing updates to address these issues.
In a recent community forum post, Google details all the new improvements that have been made to Google TV. Mainly, the there have been a few performance and storage improvements, improving the overall user experience.
The home screen or the “For You” tab will load faster. Google says it has made CPU improvements and some enhancements to the cache management, so the home screen takes less time to load after the startup. Furthermore, navigate across the home screen, whether you are scrolling within a tab or switching to another one.
Google says that the RAM consumption has been optimised, so Google TV now consumes less RAM than before. Thanks to this, the Live tabs will load faster and animation while switching between tabs has been reduced.
To further optimise the performance, the image caching has been reworked, which reduces the time to load the kids’ profiles. Further, Google has reduced the latency between loading the kids’ profiles and starting the app.
Coming to the storage improvements, Google has added a new “Free up storage” option that can be found in the Settings. All you need to do is open your television, go to Settings > System > Storage, and select Free up storage.
Google did not elaborate but it says that some under-the-hood changes ensure users of fewer storage-related errors while installing a new app. Furthermore, a new automated process has been implemented that runs in the background and frees up the storage.
You should be able to experience these improvements starting today if you have a television at home running Google TV. However, it might take some time for a few of these changes to roll out to Chromecast with Google TV.


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