Google Maps will soon show you toll prices, traffic lights and more: All new features and updates

Google Maps is one of the most common navigation apps. Considering that the app is used by most of the people across the world, Google keeps adding new features to the app to make your navigation experience easier and better. Google has now announced changes to the way you view maps on mobile, along with new features for Apple users that sync with the latest iOS functionalities.

One of the main features in this latest update is the ability to display estimated toll prices for the entire route. Google Map Already warns users about toll roads ahead of them. With the ability to display toll prices, Google has taken this feature to the next level. Toll prices data will come from local tolling authorities, based on the current day of the week and the time the user reaches the toll. Google it is said. The company says that this feature is available in four countries – the US. IndiaJapan and Indonesia – for about 2,000 toll roads later this month.

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Google Map Better street data is also available for navigation. Maps will now show traffic lights and stop signs on some roads, along with “advanced details such as building outlines and areas of interest.” Google Also adding data about the size and width of some roads. The company said that these new indicators will be rolling out in the coming weeks. Android, iOSAndroid Auto and Apple CarPlay.

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Maps is also getting updates iPhone Which will let users take advantage of the new features of iOS on Maps. There’s a new home screen widget for accessing pinned trips in the “Go tab” that shows arrival times, next departures, and suggested routes. Users will also be able to view directions and start navigation from their Apple Watch, similar to a smartwatch. running on google View OS,

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