Girl seriously ill after eating vegetables, a painful accident happened

When news of one death after eating crab spread in Digha of East Midnapore, panic spread in the Fulbari area of ​​Siliguri in North Bengal. It is worth mentioning that in the Sahudangi Nawapara area of ​​the area, panic has spread due to the death of a person after eating the vegetable of the palanquin. Meanwhile, hospital sources said that there was food poisoning.

The question has arisen among the local people as to how one can get sick by eating vegetables. Many people are unable to accept the sudden death of Tanushree, resident of Phulbari’s number one Gram Panchayat Sahudangi. The family members of the second year student are currently undergoing treatment at the hospital. Note that a special type of vegetable is found in this region. Locals call it Lafa Shaak or Palka Shak. According to the local people, this vegetable can be seen in the field or in the marshy land of the pond. Meanwhile, on Monday night, the girl picked up vegetables and made them at home. This is the demand of the local people.

Meanwhile, vegetables are eaten only after cooking at night. After that it is heard that the girl’s health deteriorated after eating vegetables. At the same time, three more members of his family fell ill. Tanushree’s condition continued to deteriorate in the hospital and she died. Hospital sources claimed that Tanushree died of poisoning. As a result, there is speculation about how home-grown vegetables can cause poisoning. Meanwhile, the other three members of his family were referred to the local hospital North Bengal Medical College and Hospital. All three are currently undergoing treatment there. The local people were shocked by the whole incident.