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Giri: Death of Mahant Narendra Giri: ABAP may constitute a panel of retired judges to probe the matter. Allahabad News – Times of India

PRAYAG RAJ: Even as the death of Akhil Bharatiya Akhara Chief Mahant of the Council (ABAP) Narendra Giri The investigation is being conducted by the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) and the ABAP’s internal committee of secretly appointed saints, the general secretary of the council Swami Hari Giri “If necessary, the Akhara Parishad will also appoint a separate inquiry panel consisting of five retired high court judges to get to the bottom of the matter,” it said on Wednesday.
Claiming that the issue is directly related to the safety and security of all senior saints in general, the chief patron of Juna Akhara Hari Giri reiterated his belief of a foul in the death of Mahant Narendra Giri.
“Whatever the outcome of the CBI investigation, I am not ready to believe that Maharajji (Narendra Giri), who has been my close associate for more than 30 years, can commit suicide. turns While talking to TOI.
Patron of Juna Akhara says foul cannot be ruled out
He was ‘Babbar Sher’ and so was his character which can be seen from the decisions taken by him. How can anyone digest that a man of such ability can take such a big step? Because of this, we feel there is more to the story which requires a deeper investigation,” said Giri while talking to TOI. He further said, “The last four saints have died under mysterious circumstances and except Narendra Giri, there is no investigation, no one is interested to know what happened.” Expressing concern over the lives of senior saints of the country including himself, Giri further said, “My ashram is surrounded by people leading a nomadic life, one day someone will kill me and the incident will be projected as ‘suicide’. And people will say, ‘Ab toh pratha chal padi hai, ek sant gaya, ab hanne bhi suicidality ker li’ (Now this is the practice, a seer has gone and now it has committed suicide),” said the senior seer.
On the issue of Niranjani Akhara making Balbir Giri the successor of Narendra Giri, Hari Giri termed it as “an akhara’s internal matter”. “It is our custom that one Akhara does not interfere in the decisions of another Akhara. Even though his (Narendra Giri) disciple is being made the head of the Baghambari Math, it is the moral responsibility of everyone in the Niranjani Akhara to find out the truth behind the death of their secretary, who was also the head of the ABAP because such Not there. ‘Killing’ any ordinary monk,” said Hari Giri.


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