From a small shop in Delhi, Mandeep Arora has now expanded UBON to 3000+ cities in India

By believing in your dreams and taking small steps to follow them, you are already on your way to incredible success. take the first step! That’s where everything starts, isn’t it? As did Mandeep Arora! We assume that you are aware of the famous electronic and mobile accessories brand, UBON. Well, this skilled man is the brainchild behind this successful brand.

While today it has reached international limits, did you know that UBON started from a small shop? Yes, you read it right! Mandeep Arora’s father Om Prakash Arora founded the company in 1999 as a wholesale store selling earphones in Lajpat Rai Market, Delhi’s oldest and largest market. Working with his father, he discovered many gaps in the electronics industry, and by 2000, the UBON brand had transitioned from a distributor outlet to a peripheral retailer.

Mandeep Arora felt that Indian retailers lacked a brand that could manufacture affordable yet high-quality goods. and boom! He and his brother fueled the growth of the brand at a tremendous pace. It was in the year 2012 when Mandeep saw a niche in the production of screen guards and focused on the same while diversifying the profile of UBON.

After this he never looked back and started setting up factories for charging devices, data cables and power banks. Starting from a small shop in Delhi, today the brand has a presence in over 3000 cities in India including various top tier ones. It has more than 250 distributors across the country with a wide range of products. Also, recently, UBON saw its launch in Kenya, Africa.

As a result of Mandeep’s years of perseverance and continuous effort, UBON has emerged as a leading brand in the electronics segment. He has taken this family business to new heights!

Addressing it from Pin to Plane, Mandeep says, “It has been a journey full of lessons and memories. I met great people and got inspiration from them. Integrity is the most important aspect of a business. You have to be yourself to make things work. Gotta be honest with.” I am happy to see the stature of UBON today, and I hope it continues to flourish.”

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