Friendship Day 2022: Top Malayalam Movies That Will Make You Feel Nostalgic

HAPPY FRIENDSHIP DAY 2022: The first Sunday of August is celebrated as Friendship Day in India. Our friends have been our pillar of strength in the lowest moments of life. Whenever we needed someone to talk to or share our feeling/doubts, they were there. While we don’t need a specific date to celebrate the bond of friendship, this day serves us as an opportunity to thank life for giving us the gift of friendship.

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And if you are a movie buff, what better way to celebrate this beautiful day than watching a film with your loved one? Here’s our pick of Malayalam movies that could be the perfect watch for Friendship Day.

  1. Premam (2015)
    The Alphonse Puthren directorial revolves around the life of George played by Navin Pauly. The film traces his journey from teenage to adulthood showing how his friends played different roles in his life.
  2. Swapnakoodu (2003)
    Director Kamal’s Swapnakoodu talks about three young men who have different personalities, how their lives are interconnected, and how they deal with situations arising from that.
  3. Classmates (2006)
    The film is based on the life of a group of classmates who attended the same chemistry class in their last year of college. The Lal Jose directorial covers the theme of mystery, forgiveness, and love through its story.
  4. Dhosth (2001)
    The film explores the friendship between two college-going boys wherein one falls in love with the sister of the other, and what they do about it forms the plot of the story. The project was helmed by director Thulasidas,
  5. Aanandam by Ganesh Raj (2016)
    The plot follows the lives of seven engineering students as they take their first college tour.
  6. Niram (1999)
    The film shows how two childhood friends grow up to realize their love for each other, and how they face the challenges of life that hinder their relationship.
  7. In Harihar Nagar (1990)
    Director Siddique Lal’s superhit comedy thriller tells the story of four young men living together in a housing colony called Harihar Nagar. What happens in their life because of a mysterious suitcase makes up the plot of the film.
  8. Thenmavin Kombath (1994)
    The film revolves around a love triangle between three friends, and their reconciliation after a series of ups and downs in their personal lives.

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