Friendship Day 2021: Best Friends from the Marvel Cinematic Universe

Friendship Day 2021 will be celebrated on 1st August this year. To celebrate this special day, we’re taking a look back at some of the best bonds and friendships in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. In over 24 movies and three series, the MCU has given us many memorable moments, including iconic friendships, that viewers can deeply connect with. From Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes to Peter Parker and Ned Leeds, let’s take a look at the best MCU friendships:

steve and bucky

The friendship of Steve Rogers and James Buchanan (Bucky) Barnes in Marvel Comics and the MCU is considered one of the most iconic friendships in cinematic history. They are childhood friends who are separated when Bucky is involved in World War 2. When Steve becomes Captain America, he defies orders to rescue Bucky and his fellow soldiers from the Hydra base. In Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Steve nearly dies trying to remember the Winter Soldier (Bucky). However, Captain America: Civil War, where Steve fights the Avengers and becomes an international criminal to save Bucky.

Tony and Roddy

Tony Stark and Lieutenant Colonel James Rhodes (Roddy) have one of the cutest friendships in the MCU. They are college roommates who don’t outwardly show their friendship, but are always there for each other. In Iron Man 1, when Tony is kidnapped, Roddy asks him to take him with him next time. In Iron Man 2 and 3 he dresses up as a war machine to save Tony’s life. In Captain America: Civil War, Tony’s iconic line, “Give Me Back My Roadie” is when Ant-Man attacks Roadie.

Nat and Clint

Natasha (Nat) Romanoff and Clint Barton are so good friends that others often mistake it for love. In The Avengers, we learn that Clint was sent by SHIELD to kill Natasha, but instead he recruited and trained her. In the MCU, Nat is always the most worried about Clint getting injured. In Avengers: Age of Ultron, we find that Nat is the only one who knows about Clint and his family. Actually, they have named their third child after Nat. In Avengers: Endgame, we see both of us trying to sacrifice ourselves to save each other. Clint remains a faithful friend even after his death in the film.

Carol and Maria

Carol Danvers and Maria Rambeau’s friendship begins when they are both training to be Air Force pilots. After Carol’s presumed death, she keeps her memories alive in her daughter, Monica. She is the one who reveals to Carol her true identity and then goes on a mission with her, the Skrulls, and Nick Fury to fight an alien race. Even though Maria passed away due to cancer in the current MCU timeline, we hope to see more of their friendship in The Marvels and through flashbacks.

Groot and Rocket

Even though the Guardians of the Galaxy are a team of friends, Rocket and Groot’s friendship is the purest. We first see them intimidating and stealing from people. After banding up with the others, Groot and Rocket become better friends. Only Rocket can understand what Groot is saying. In the second film, after Groot sacrifices his life, Rocket picks up baby Groot as his own. In Avengers: Infinity War, teenage Groot turns to dust, leaving Rocket depressed. There is a lot of loss in this friendship.

Loki and Mobius

Loki and Möbius’ unlikely friendship was one of the many reasons the series “Loki” was so successful. The God of Mischief is arrested by TVA and Mobius is an agent investigating the case. A lot of fun ensues, and Loki tries to trick Moebius as well. However, eventually they become strong allies. Moebius also falls for Loki and then in the final episode they get a big hug. Loki had never had any real friends before Mobius.

Sam and Bucky

After going back in time for Steve to spend his life with Peggy, his two best friends Steve and Sam have no choice but to be allies. Sam hates ‘Bucky’ at first because he nearly killed him as The Winter Soldier, and Bucky is trapped in his own PTSD. In fact, their interactions in the MCU movies have been pretty cool. In Avengers: Endgame, we see the beginning of their bond. In The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, this becomes a full-blown friendship.

Thor and Bruce

Bruce Banner and his alter-ego Hulk are initially just a ‘friend from work’ for Thor. But in Thor: Ragnarok, they become best friends. At first they are made to fight each other in the realm, but they soon team up to escape the planet. When Hulk goes back to his normal self again, Thor helps him calm down and find his footing. Even though these situations are hilarious, Thor loves to take care of Hulk and Banner in separate ways.

Peter and Nedo

Peter Parker and Ned Leeds’ friendship is the perfect example of a typical teenage bond. Ned is the first to learn that Peter is Spider-Man and is very supportive of this development, although at first he tries to increase his popularity with it. While Ned is in the realm of Peter’s Superhero Adventures, he is a big part of his personal life. They both have similar personalities and like the same mundane things.

Scott and Louis

Scott Lang and Louis are the chaotic duo who bring humor to every situation. They are old cellmates from prison and re-team to earn money. Even when Scott becomes a superhero, he can accomplish his mission only with the help of Louis and the gang. Louis, despite his long drawn out and non-linear storytelling, is always someone Scott can count on. It will be fun to see what more there is to this friendship in Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantamania.

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