French Far Right Commentator Zemour Court Voters in London


LONDON: Right-wing commentator and potential French presidential candidate Eric Zemour sought to woo French voters living in London at an event to promote his new book in the British capital on Friday.

A former journalist known for his staunch anti-migration stance and Euroscepticism that is rocking the election campaign with his polarizing language, spoke in a packed room of 400 at a hotel in Earls Court.

“You are the best of France, you are audacious enough to leave your country and I am proud of you,” he told the diverse crowd, which included wealthy merchants and children.

According to the Office of National Statistics, an estimated 165,000 French citizens live in the United Kingdom.

His speech was held at the Ibis Hotel after the Royal Institution of London canceled an event after conducting “due diligence” on Zemour, which opinion polls suggest would last until a second round of runoff votes against President Emmanuel Macon. Although his candidature has not yet been formally announced.

Zemor praised Britain for leaving the European Union, but avoided many questions about whether he would advocate for a “Frexit”.

Several French protesters gathered outside but were given a warm welcome in the hall, as some of the attendees raised slogans of “Zammoor is alive”.

“I’m here because I’m curious,” said Julian Prichinzky, 33, a Toulouse resident who has lived in east London for eight years.

“What resonates with me is his candid assessment of the fall of France. We have significant problems and we’re in a country that doesn’t know where it’s going – you make it even more so when you live abroad.” understand.”

Virginie Waldron, 33, from Dorset in south-west England, said she supports Zemour because she fears the level of crime in France.

“I don’t see an option,” she told Reuters. “All the people who are running have been there for 15 years. They have all failed miserably, they all have the same politics.”

After a decade in Britain, Waldron said she would go back to France if Zemour ran for president and won.

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