‘Four Corona Patients Are In Hospitals In Delhi’, AAP’s Minister Asks For Genome Sequencing

Delhi Health Minister Saurabh Bhardwaj said on Monday that there are four Corona patients in hospitals in Delhi and asked for a genome sequencing report to know whether the new cases are of new variants or not after the COVID cases registered a rise in the country towards the end of 2023 with sub-variant JN.1.

“On average, 400-500 samples are being tested every day in Delhi, and on average, 5-7 positive cases are coming; that is, the positivity is about one percent. As of today, a total of four Corona patients are in hospitals in Delhi. There is no situation of panic,” said Bhardwaj.

Moreover, the Delhi health department ordered authorities to send an “adequate” number of COVID samples for RT-PCR tests amid an uptick in coronavirus cases.

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“The new cases that are coming, we have sent them for genome sequencing. After his report, it will be known whether this variant is new or old. However, the new variant is also not serious, so if there is a new variant, then there is no need to worry too much,” added Bhardwaj.

According to the discussion that took place with the Central Government four days ago, the new variant is being seen in the states of South India, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, etc. This is a sub-variant of Omicron. Although it is mild, its cases are not very serious.

“If someone is suffering from a chronic illness or has low immunity, they should not go to crowded areas. We have also issued the same guidelines as per the Centre’s guidelines. Do not do anything that might otherwise spread panic,” said Bhardwaj in an advice to the general public.

When asked about any restrictions being issued regarding crowd management during Christmas and New Year celebrations.

“I feel that, according to the Centre, this is not a very serious variant. Therefore, it is useless to issue such guidelines that are not implemented. When people know that this disease is not very serious, no matter how many strict rules are made, there will be harassment in the name of enforcement, people will face problems, and it will not have much effect,” said Bhardwaj.

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Source: ANI