Former Danish Defense Minister accused of leaking government secrets – Henry Club

It is not clear what current opposition MP Klaus Hjort Fredriksson said or disclosed – or when he allegedly did so.

Frederickson, who also served as chairman of the Intelligence Services Committee, alleged that he was being accused of “violating the limits of my freedom of expression.”

“I have spoken on a political issue as a Member of Parliament, and at present I have nothing more to add,” Frederickson said in a statement released by her political party, Venstre. “But I could not dream of doing anything that could harm Denmark or the interests of Denmark.”

Fredriksson’s announcement comes days after reports emerged that former Danish spy Lars Findesen was in prison on similar charges.

FindSense was accused of Under the same section of the Danish Criminal Code as Fredriksson. Both men could face up to 12 years in prison.

According to a statement by the country’s intelligence unit, on 9 December the Danish Security and Intelligence Service, also known as PET, said that after FindSense was called on 9, there was “a number of leaks within the intelligence services”. There was a long investigation”. Was arrested in December. , It has been said in the statement that the trial is going on right now.

At the time of FindSense’s arrest in December, the intelligence service said that the four people arrested were current and former PET employees and employees of the Danish Defense Intelligence Service (DDIS). FindSense has led DDIS since 2015.

Prior to this, he served as the head of the Police Intelligence Service and the head of the department in the Danish Ministry of Defence.

Little is known about the case, including the nature of the alleged leak. The hearing is taking place behind closed doors. Asked for more details about the allegations, the Danish Intelligence Service told CNN it did not comment further.

FindSense attorney Lars Kjeldsson told CNN that his client “denies all allegations” against him. He said the next in-camera hearing of the case is to be held within a month.