Follow these tips for dealing with an unresponsive partner in a relationship

It is said that entering a relationship is easy but maintaining it is the real thing. Every relationship goes through ups and downs. These challenges affect the relationship sometimes positively and sometimes negatively. Sometimes the relationship is at stake due to personal or professional reasons. You may find some behavioral problems in your partner like being careless, not paying attention or not responding etc.

It is important to address these issues because gradually such problems can affect your relationship in the long run. Such things can weaken the bonding between the two.

Now, if you too are going through such a phase in a relationship then this article can be helpful. No matter how long you have been in a relationship, such phases of reckless nature or careless attitude towards you or work are common.

The first is to observe the activities and mood of your partner. If your partner is happy or sad or there is sudden mood swing. See why this is happening. Is there any activity today or is there some person, who is doing such things unknowingly? After knowing the reason you can talk to him.

Negotiation on this issue may be a better option. They can speak their heart. Together you can find a solution and work on it.

You can make him realize how such behavioral issues or careless attitude affect you and your relationship.

If things don’t work out even after frank conversations, you may have to take some serious steps. Such an attitude can upset you and make you feel unwanted. It can also affect your mental health. You can also consult a relationship specialist or a counselor who can guide you on your next steps.

,DisclaimerThe health tips shared in this article are based on common practices and common sense. Readers are advised to consult a doctor before following these at home.)

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