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Fast moving Typhoon Chanthu is moving towards Taiwan and South China – World Latest News Headlines

Typhoon Chanthu has intensified from a tropical depression into a severe storm in the past 36 hours. Joint Typhoon Warning Center, With a maximum wind speed of 233 kph (145 mph). Chanthu is very likely to turn into a Super Typhoon in the coming hours.

Given the storm’s trajectory, it is still unclear whether Chanthu will first pass over Taiwan or miss the island before hitting southern China. Either way, at its current speed, the storm is forecast to make landfall on Saturday or Sunday.

Typhoon Chanthu is one of two dangerous weather systems that are sweeping the western Pacific. Severe Tropical Storm Conson made landfall in the Philippines on Monday night and will pass over the country before moving north toward China’s Hainan Island.

Winds are gusts up to 112 kph (70 mph) in Conson. According to CNN Philippines, While warning signs were posted along the path of the storm, no major damage has been reported so far.

Chanthu is likely to be the strongest storm to hit Taiwan or mainland China since Typhoon In-fa in July, which worsened already severe flooding in China’s southeast.

Overall, the economic damage caused by hurricanes and floods over $14 billionAccording to Chinese state-run media.
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