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Aamir Khan’s brother Faisal turns director with his comeback film ‘factory’. He has played the role of a sharp lover in this thriller but he was not the director of the film from the beginning. Speaking to ETimes, Faisal recalls how his foray into directing came with it. He also speaks about his relationship with Aamir and his place in the Hussain family. Excerpts from a candid conversation…

‘Factory’ marks your comeback as an actor, but it also marks your debut as a director. Why did you choose to direct this film?

The film was being directed by Shariq Minhaz. I have done many short films in my career, especially after ‘Mela’ and ‘Madhosh’ Failed. I was trying hard, but they were either not made properly, or were not released properly. All my efforts on these films went to zero and here Sharik was not able to give time to the project, so I said to myself, ‘I hope this project also doesn’t go like that’. I am getting old, so, I put my foot down and told the makers what I felt. He said why don’t you direct it?

You took the offer

I spoke to Sharik bhai and told him, ‘Since you are not able to give time, things can get difficult. I firmly believe in this project and am ready to put my heart and soul in it.’ I was completely involved in the project, so I took the reins as director. Ever since I entered the film industry as an assistant, I have learned a lot. Those experiences gave me courage and became the main director (I became a director).

What was it about ‘Factory’ that convinced you that this could be your comeback film?

It is a romantic thriller with lots of action. The film has many twists that will keep the audience hooked. It’s a tough style, but things worked out for me because of the good support from the team. We did a lot of workshops and I had a good technical team, which is why we were able to shoot the film well.

Your brother Aamir Khan is known as a marketing genius. Do you also share his clever acumen?

Aamir is the most famous person in our family but after the release of this movie people will know Faisal Khan As a person, actor, director and singer.

Are you going to act or direct?

I will direct and act in my films. I know what I want and I have proved myself with this film. I made what I wanted. If others don’t see the potential in you then you have to prove yourself.

Now that you have become a director, have you thought of remaking one of your fathers? Tahir Hussain or uncle Nasir Hussainof movies?

I don’t want to remake any of his films. I will make my own films. Why should I remake any other film which has already become a hit and has been seen by the audience. Something new must be created and if you are really creative then make something of your own. That’s what I want to do.

Have you ever felt that you are living in the shadow of your famous brother?

I never cared about all this. When a person is not aware of himself, then he becomes worried about such things. I know what I am and what I can do. I know my abilities. Kuch toh log kahenge logo ka kaam hai kehna… (People will talk because that is what people do).

You worked as a script doctor with Aamir Khan Productions for three years. Did that experience help you during the making of this film?

You know filmmaking is not just about scripts and script doctors. Working in or doing theater with Aamir Khan Productions Makarand Deshpande Doesn’t work for a filmmaker. You have to know your craft and I built that foundation early in my career as an assistant director. I have been around film sets since childhood so the foundation has always been there. It was just about taking the first step.

What is the situation between you and Aamir Khan?

All is well between us. As a person, I take my own decisions. I am not a director who does not know what he has made. I have given my best and my producers have helped me in this. The verdict of God and the audience remains to be seen.

Has Aamir Khan seen your film? What was his reaction?

Both my mother and Aamir have seen the film. My mother loved it. It was my mother’s dream that I become a director, which has been fulfilled with this film. Aamir found the film very appealing and said it was great for a first time director. He told me ‘You have sung the song very well. You are better than me.’ I answered, ‘What can I do?’

How did the effort begin with singing?

After my first flop ‘Madhosh’, I took classical singing lessons. I can sing better than many actors so why not…

Do you have any plans to get married again?

Unfortunately, I haven’t earned enough money to afford a wife and I don’t have a girlfriend, because having one is also an expensive affair. A wife is even more expensive. Picture hit ho to ladki dhudna shuru karu (I will look for a girl after my film becomes a hit).

Aamir and his now ex-wife Kiran Rao Some quarters criticized how their divorce announcement seemed a little too casual. Do you think these people were doing injustice to them?

I can’t give them any advice. My marriage didn’t work out, so I’m not one to comment on anyone’s personal life. They know what is best for them.


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