Facebook Post, Ideology: Javed Mohammad’s Daughter Counts Police Questions

What happened during the police interrogation?

Counting of votes Friday, June 10- The day he was taken into custody – Sumaiya said:

“Then he went to the police station in his scooty,” he said.

Hours later, the police came back to their house and took him and his mother for questioning. Asked what happened after that, Sumaiya said he was asked questions about his father’s Facebook posts, what he talked about at home, and his conversations about faith and ideology.

“A male constable also used abusive language against my mother,” he said.

Sumaiya and her mother were released on Sunday morning.

Afreen Fatima claimed in a video on Saturday Maktoob Media That Prayagraj police had taken his father into custody without warrant or official letter.

Fatima also said that the police came to her house again after midnight and detained her mother, who is a diabetic, and her 19-year-old sister.

Meanwhile, a group of lawyers including Allahabad High Court advocate KK Roy moved the high court on Sunday alleging that “illegal demolition Javed Mohammad’s wife Parveen Fatima’s house.

He claimed that the house which was demolishedIn fact, belonged to Parveen (and not Javed) and also elaborated on how, according to him, the demolition was illegal.

Meanwhile, the Uttar Pradesh Police has claimed that they found “illegal weapons” at Mohammad’s house during the demolition.