Expert Shares How Sun’s Transition Into Taurus Will Affect 12 Zodiac Signs – News18

The transition will start on May 14.

The transition will start on May 14.

The astrologer said that Aries people can expect to gain money and new sources of income during this period.

On May 14, the sun is expected to transition into Taurus. This change is set to affect these 12 zodiac signs. A renowned astrologer shared details about the possible effects of the transition on the zodiac signs.

As per reports, the sun is going to stay in Taurus from May 14 till June 15. Dr Mrityunjay Tiwari, who is the Head of the Department of Astrology at the Shri Kallaji Vedic University, shared the effects these 12 zodiac signs may experience.


He said that Aries people can expect to gain money and new sources of income during this period and can think of converting their hobby into a career. For job and business opportunities, this period will be of utmost importance.


According to the astrologer, people who are preparing for a government job can expect good results, so keep applying. This is a good time to start a business.


Gemini people may experience the negative effects of this transition. They may find it hard to work. The astrologer suggests relationships are to be given time or they could sour.


People in jobs can expect promotions, good salaries and respect, the astrologer states further. Entrepreneurs will be earning profits. Reputation will become better among your peers and your work will get recognition.


Your position will get stronger in your job, details the astrologer. You can expect to get recognized for your work. This will be a good time to start your dream career. People in business will get new investments.


You will find your prestige and position to be higher. Finances will become better in no time, ending any problem related to money. You will get a new opportunity through a deal, which will prove to be auspicious for your family.


Expect the transit to have a negative effect, the astrologer mentions. It could negatively impact your health as well as your finances. So, stop wasting money and take care of your health. Avoid making investment decisions hastily or on wrong suggestions, as it could lead to financial crisis.


You may experience more aggression and anger. So, the astrologer advises Scorpio people to refrain from speaking much and to keep their behaviour in check. You may find yourself to be uncoordinated with your spouse.


You can expect a new position in your job or a new job offer, which would increase your respect. You can hope for a new vehicle. Remember to offer water to the Sun God daily.


Be cautious during this period, as your job, health and business may be negatively affected. Any investment mistake after May 14 could be bad for you financially, astrologer Mrityunjay Tiwari shared.


As per more predictions by the astrologer, Aquarius people could experience some health issues. Furthermore, this is not a good period for marriages and try taking care of their health, he warned.


Be alert on the road, as there’s a high chance of accidents to occur. Refrain from lending money to others. Pisces people may struggle financially, the astrologer added.