Exclusive: Skin Care Dos and Don’ts For Pregnant Women

The whole world changes when you least expect it. And so does your skin care routine. Pregnancy glow is obviously natural, but we also want our moms to be extra mindful of their hormone levels and certain elements that can be absorbed into their bodies during this time. Dr Jyoti Gupta, Consultant Dermatologist Panchsheel Enclave, New Delhi explains the do’s and don’ts of skin care for pregnant women:

1. Nutritional Value: Thyroid, Hemoglobin, B12 and Vitamin D3 should be taken utmost care of, if not in proper limits, it can lead to pigmentation and hair loss in the long run post pregnancy.

2. Hydration: Mothers-to-be should keep themselves fully hydrated inside and out by consuming proper fluids and keeping their skin well moisturised. This will help in avoiding any kind of rashes and itching. Along with this, stretch marks also become less after pregnancy.

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3. Keep weight under control: Mothers should also exercise well so that the muscles do not lose their tone and stretch marks do not appear on the skin later. Lack of exercise causes looseness on the body and face and sometimes hormonal imbalance also occurs.

4. Skin Care Products: Most over-the-counter (OTC) body care products are completely safe, but some contain ingredients that could be harmful to your baby. Some products are totally unsafe like retinoids present in anti-ageing creams, salicylic acid present in many toners and face washes and hydroquinone to reduce pigmentation should be completely avoided as they can cause disability and many complications. Products like azelaic acid and glycolic acid are safe in pregnancy.

5. SPF is your BFF: Dark spots, melasma and dull skin are normal when you are pregnant. Applying a suitable sunscreen of SPF 15 or above can help you deal with these problems and also help in dealing with sun sensitivity. Chemical sunscreen should not be used at all during pregnancy and physical sunscreen should be used.

6. Avoid Hair Chemicals: Use of chemical hair colours, keratin, smoothening and bleach should be completely avoided during pregnancy.

You may notice skin changes during your pregnancy. At this point, not all remedies are safe and not all ingredients should be absorbed because your baby absorbs them too. Consult your trusted dermatologist for any visible changes in skin and hair and go on this journey without any hassle.