Exclusive | ‘Open, Safe, Accountable Internet’: What is Digital Nagrik Campaign for Students, Young Adults?

Launched in February this year, the Digital Citizen campaign, supported by Mark Zuckerberg’s Meta Platforms, led by teachers and inspired by the vision of MoS Rajeev Chandrasekhar, aims to create an inclusive and a safe internet for young users.

Manav Subodh, who is the founder of 1M1B (One Million for One Billion) – an Indian organization developing and mobilizing the technology workforce of the future – told News18 that the Digital Nagrik campaign aligns with the central government’s objective So that’s an open, to be sure. Safe, reliable and accountable internet for citizens.

“1M1B is skilling the youth and driving the growth of India’s future ready technology workforce. Our young boys and girls who will lead our country as a digital superpower need to learn how to stay safe online, fight misinformation and fake news, tackle cyberbullying and make the internet safer and more inclusive .

He further informed that though the campaign was launched this year, 1M1B has been doing the same since last year and as a result more than 3.5 lakh teachers as well as 12 lakh students from 3000+ schools participated in digital citizenship curriculum training programs Is.

According to him, in the next three years, 1M1B is expected to reach over 10 million students India With Digital Citizen Campaign.

Digital Rights and Responsibilities

A digital citizen is a citizen who engages in a positive, critical and enabling digital environment that respects human rights and dignity through responsible and safe technology use and, according to the founder of 1M1B, empowers these people to fulfill their digital rights and obligations. should know about.

Subodh pointed out that while the increase in digital adoption in daily life in the era of AI and Web 3.0 is commendable, it also brings with it significant cyber security concerns that need to be addressed.

Manav Subodh, Founder of 1M1B (One Million for One Billion)

“So here comes the role of the digital citizen – creating awareness on the dos and don’ts of internet as it is important to keep students and youth safe from an early age and create a responsible mindset. There is an urgent need to implement Neticraft in our education system to prepare young minds for the infinite possibilities.”

Subodh said that with this objective a digital citizenship skills curriculum was developed by teachers in 2022 managed by 1M1B and supported by META, which CBSE Introduced as a skills subject for grades 6-8.

He also said that digital etiquette, cyber security, cyberbullying, information literacy, using the internet for social good, and the future of the digital world, including AI, AR/VR and the metaverse, are among the topics covered in digital citizenship courses.

“The campaign, Digital Citizen, is an extension of the curriculum and aims to groom students to become responsible digital citizens right from school,” he added.

meta support

Meta CEO Zuckerberg announced the company’s vision to engage 10 million students and 1 million teachers in India in key areas of digital citizenship, AR and VR in 2021 during the Meta Fuel for India Summit.

As part of this commitment, several initiatives are being implemented in India for students, teachers and educators including CBSE school digital citizenship and AR/VR skills curriculum.

Subodh from 1M1B said: “Meta also recently announced the #DigitalSuraksha campaign to offer a more secure and inclusive internet, and the Digital Citizen Pledge is part of this campaign to remind people that a safe cyber Creating space is a collective responsibility of all of us.”

However, he further pointed out that while government organizations are playing their part to raise online safety awareness across India, the Digital Citizen campaign is mainly targeting students across India and teaching them to be responsible digital users from an early age. is teaching

“Digital Citizen is an effort to ensure that Digital India is led by responsible digital citizens which will make cyberspace safer and more inclusive. Subodh said that the campaign has many parts, including pledge, curriculum, training, awareness, rewarding challenges for students and much more.

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