Evening news brief: Girl’s target of weight loss of 25KG for marriage, the memory of the man while having a relationship on the anniversary – forgot all

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  • Girl wants to lose 25 kg for marriage, mother’s body is lying for 3 days, son has no time

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If you have missed any news in the rush of the day, then we have brought for you the Evening News Brief. In this, you will get all the important news of the country, abroad, business, sports and entertainment world, which you will be able to keep yourself updated by reading it in just 2 minutes.

1. Weird condition of the groom: Engagement on reducing weight of 12 kg, target to reduce 13 kg by marriage

In Bihar, a bride has been given a target by her groom to lose 25 kg before marriage. Earlier, he had asked the bride to lose 12 kilos till the engagement. Only after the completion of which the groom agreed to the engagement. Patna’s bride is now losing weight for her Gujarati groom with the help of a dietician. To meet the target of the groom, the bride will have to lose 13 kg more.

2. Uttarakhand girl has learned Kannada by 92% in 3 months, PM Modi applauds

Kalpana, who hails from Joshimath in Uttarakhand, has secured 92% marks in the Karnataka Board 10th examination within three months of learning Kannada. Kalpana had lost her sight in her childhood. Since then she does her studies only after listening. PM Modi has shared this spirit of his with the countrymen in his radio program ‘Mann Ki Baat’. PM congratulates Kalpana for her result

3. When the husband was small, the family had problems, comedy queen Archana Puran Singh fought and married

Actress Archana Puran Singh spoke openly about husband Parmeet Sethi and their relationship during a recent interview. Archana said that her family members had objected to marrying 7 years younger Parmeet. At the same time, he also told that everyone had asked him to think about it again. Archana and Parmeet got married in the year 1992. He told that even after 30 years of marriage, the love between them has not diminished.

4. Son said – no time for mother’s funeral, dead body in hospital for three days

A son refused to attend his mother’s funeral in Khandwa, Madhya Pradesh. 55-year-old Pushpa died in a road accident. His body is kept in the mortuary of the hospital for three days. On calling the police, his son refused to come saying that there was no time. Now the police is contacting other relatives of the deceased woman. The woman has 2 daughters and a son. Everyone is married.

5. Russian army running ‘rape campaign’ in Ukraine, British journalist reports

In the occupied areas in Ukraine, the Russian army has raped women on a large scale. The Sunday Times reporter Christina Lamb reported that a 13-year-old girl to an 11-year-old was raped in Ukraine. Even the old ladies there have not been spared. Many women lost their lives due to rape. It is being told that the number of such rape victims in Ukraine is in thousands.

6. The memory of the man while having a relationship with his wife on the anniversary, forgot everything

One person lost his memory because of having a relationship. According to the report, just 10 minutes before he lost his memory, he was having an affair with his wife, after which he got restless after seeing the date on his mobile phone. He thought that he had forgotten the date of the wedding anniversary. Actually, a day before this was the person’s wedding anniversary. This information has been given in a report of the Irish Medical Journal.

7. Girl has been eating chips and sandwiches for 23 years, is afraid of grains

Sandler, a 25-year-old woman from Britain, has been alive for the last 23 years by eating sandwiches and chips. She has been eating these two things since she was two years old. Even in lunch and dinner, she eats only chips. His parents tried hard to feed him other things. But they failed. He is afraid of grains. Even further, she wants to survive only with the help of chips and sandwiches.

8. Heat spoils the brain balance, mental patients increase with the temperature

The summer season has a bad effect on the body as well as the mind. Statistics show that mental patients also increase by 1% when the temperature rises by 1 degree. This is the reason that the incidents of assault and suicide are more during the summer days. In summer, stress hormones are released more. This leads to the problem of bipolar disorder. To avoid this, experts recommend drinking plenty of water, doing yoga-meditation, taking good sleep.

9. Indian wife-husband pair creates history by winning a medal at the Canoeing World Cup

Gwalior’s International Canoeers Prachi Kaurav and Manish Kaurav have made a historic performance in the Para Canoe World Cup held in Poland. Wife Prachi won Woman VL-2 200m. (1:04.71 min) won the bronze medal, while husband Manish won the KL3 Men’s 200m. Traveled to the final of the event. Prachi became the first Indian woman canoeer to win a World Cup medal, while Manish became the first canoeer to reach the final. Both had a love marriage in Bhopal during the lockdown.

10. Zoya became India’s first trans photojournalist, bought a camera on the train by begging

Mumbai-based Zoya Thomas has become the country’s first transgender photojournalist. He achieved this position after a lot of struggle. At the age of 18, Zoya left her home due to taunts. After this, he had to work from cleaning to begging. But, Zoya kept her dream alive and started her professional career by buying a second hand camera.

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