‘Even more proud to support Nupur Sharma’: Dutch MP Geert Wilders after receiving ‘hundreds of death threats’

Dutch far-right politician Geer Wilders, who has been tweeting in favor of suspended BJP leader Nupur Sharma over Prophet’s comment row, said on Saturday that he would do more to extend his support after receiving “hundreds of death threats”. Are more “firm and proud”. For “Supporting the Brave”.

Nupur Sharma was suspended from the BJP after her controversial remarks on Prophet Muhammad sparked massive outrage across the country and invited reaction from Muslim countries. His controversial comments have triggered protests in several states including Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Jharkhand, West Bengal and Karnataka.

“So this is what I get for supporting the brave #NupurSharma. Hundreds of death threats. It makes me even more determined and proud to support him. Because evil can never win. Never,” Wilders said on Saturday.

Meanwhile, in his latest tweet on Sunday, the Dutch politician said that he was neither Indian nor Hindu, but was supporting Nupur Sharma as he believed secularism should not mean that “It is proper to degrade Hindu gods and not to tell the truth about Muhammad”.

urge the prime minister Narendra Modi To publicly defend and support Nupur Sharma, Geert Wilders said, “Only criminals and terrorists use street violence to express their religious intolerance and hatred.”

Wilders, who is known for his far-right views on Islam and many other issues, had called on Indians a few days ago to rally behind Nupur Sharma. In a tweet, he also criticized Arab countries for condemning Nupur Sharma’s comments and said that he only spoke the truth about Muhammad.

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