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England may boycott Ashes series in view of strict quarantine rules amid Kovid

Top English players could boycott the high-profile Ashes series against Australia from later this year as they do not want to be confined to their hotel rooms for close to four months due to strict quarantine rules in the country.

According to ESPN Cricinfo, the England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) are still adamant and have not thought of a postponement, which has angered senior players and support staff.

According to the website report, “After talks between the team and officials in the ECB, the possibility of fielding a very weak England team in the Ashes has increased.”

Players have also been disappointed with the ECB’s refusal to postpone the tour in part or in full.

“As a result, they are considering their options. One of those options is understood as the entire team – including the coaching and support staff – making the collective decision to boycott the tour.

“While the players, in general, appear quite optimistic about the prospect of a two-week quarantine for themselves, they are reluctant to put their families through it. And for the best part of four months with some players ( IPL is being followed till the T20 World Cup and the Ashes), they are reluctant to not see their families for the entire duration.”

The type of quarantine has also angered the English players.

“It is understood that the nature of the quarantine has disappointed the players. Although there has been talk of allowing them the use of a resort hotel on the Gold Coast, it is now understood that they are only allowed two or three hours can go to their hotel rooms each day for training.

“There is also the possibility that the squad will be forced to remain in some sort of ‘bubble’ throughout the tour to avoid difficulties in moving between states. Might have to undergo ‘tough’ quarantine. A hotel room,” it also pointed out.


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