Engineering college pulled up for stopping monetary aid from the government

The Madras High Court has pulled up the management of a nearby engineering college here for withholding the financial aid provided by the government to a poor student, causing him trouble. The petitioner/student was defamed due to the fact that Rajalakshmi Engineering College had kept money for reimbursement to the petitioner in a branch of Indian Bank, which he was visited both legally and with notices from the public. Court and he was harassed to such an extent as if he had eloped with the money.

For no fault of the petitioner, he had to undergo a mental and monetary test by the bank which had not extended the moratorium period. The petitioner could not claim extension of the moratorium, but certainly was entitled to the amount from the college, which was reimbursed at the earliest, as a result of which he would not have faced the situation and consequential monetary loss. Was. Form of interest and penal interest.

Justice M Dhandapani observed, “The said anguish of the petitioner certainly warrants compensation for the interest of the amount being kept by him in the hands of the college, which was to be paid to the petitioner for reimbursement of the bank loan.”

The bench was recently disposing of a writ petition by C Ashok Kumar, seeking a direction to the Registrar of Anna University and the Commissioner of Technical Education to consider their representation and recover the entire education fee paid from the college under various had prayed. along with the interest and other incidental charges incurred by him on the educational loan account and return it to him so that he can repay the loan amount owed to the bank.

The judge directed the Anna University and the Commissioner of Technical Education to take appropriate action against the college for wrongfully withholding the amount given by the government for financial assistance. He directed the college to refund the amount of Rs.60,000 (Rs.20,000 for each year) along with interest at the rate of 7.5 per cent per annum from the date of receipt from the Government till the date of payment to the petitioner.

Since the non-payment of money taken by the petitioner for education loan from the bank was not due to any fault of his, though this court is aware of the fact that the period of adjournment cannot be extended because of the petitioner alone. Keeping in view the specific circumstances, the higher authority of the Bank may look into the matter of exemption of interest over and above the interest granted by this Court, so that the petitioner, belonging to the economically weaker section of the society, at least slightly after such a Can take a breath. Late point, the judge said.

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