Elon Musk turns some Twitter office rooms into BEDROOMS –Here’s why

New Delhi: In a very strange turn of events, the new Twitter CEO has determined that the select core group of engineers who are in charge of developing most of the code should focus solely on their work. Musk has converted several of Twitter’s San Francisco headquarters into budget hotel rooms to make this possible.

A few days ago Elon Musk exhorted Twitter employees to adopt a stricter work ethic, which led to a wave of widespread resignations from the company. When Musk challenged workers to accept a harsh culture that includes long hours and overnight stays in the office when necessary, he really meant it. According to rumors, bedrooms are set up in the San Francisco offices of Musk’s Twitter. ,Also Read: OpenAI’s ChatGPT bot: A step-by-step guide to login and use it on Android, iPhone devices,

According to a Forbes report, some workers were met when they arrived at work the Monday after the weekend, “bedrooms with unkempt mattresses, drab curtains and large conference-room telepresence monitors.” The beds are definitely more comfortable than the sleeping bags the company’s product chief Esther Crawford was used to a few days ago. ,Read also: Wow! Now You Can Buy Gold From ATMs Also India’s First Gold ATM Launched In Hyderabad; details here,

Recall that a colleague of Crawford’s uploaded a photo of Crawford on the workplace floor, which quickly went viral. The article was published at the same time as online rumors that Musk was requiring his employees to work longer hours.

The photo of the bedroom at Twitter’s San Francisco headquarters was accessed by Forbes. The bedroom is said to have a queen bed, a wooden bedside table, a table lamp and two office armchairs, including a “bright orange carpet”.

Although the dormitories were unknown to the staff, it was widely believed that they were built for “hardcore” workers. Staff members told the publication, “It’s not a good attendance.” “It’s just another disrespectful gesture. No conversation. Like clockwork, the beds appeared.

In a letter to employees last month, Musk demanded they either embrace the “hardcore” culture at Twitter or be let go with severance pay. According to sources, Musk has mandated that staff members electronically confirm their commitment to “long hours at high intensity.”