Elon Musk Promotes Matt Walsh’s What is a Woman? Documentary, Wants Every Parent To Watch It

New Delhi: Matt Walsh, a prominent American right-wing political commentator and author, recently published his online documentary ‘What is a Woman?’ Which has created quite a buzz on the internet. The documentary is making headlines for its critical take on gender and transgender identity, sex reassignment surgery, transgender youth and transgender athletes in women’s sports.

The Daily Wire’s 95-minute documentary ‘What is a Woman?’ According to the description of the film, ‘Ask the question you’re not allowed to ask’ and ‘That’s the documentary they don’t want you to see’. In his documentary, Matt Walsh engages politicians, medical professionals, activists, and individuals of diverse backgrounds in an effort to question the reasoning behind the genderqueer movement.

On Thursday (June 1), the documentary was made available to stream via the news outlet’s Twitter account for a 24-hour period to celebrate the first anniversary of its release. Shortly after it was published, Twitter released its own ‘hateful’ tag, limiting its searchability on the platform.

In response, Jeremy Boring, co-founder of The Daily Wire, posted a Twitter thread directly tagging its owner and former CEO Elon Musk. In his post, Boring accused the Twitter owner of canceling the agreed premiere of the film because of two misunderstandings. Following his post, Musk retweeted the Daily Wire documentary on Saturday (June 3) and wrote “What is a woman?”

Kasturi’s promotion ‘What is a Woman?’ A debate broke out online in which the film has been viewed over 156 million times and liked at least 414.8 times.

How and Where to Watch ‘What is a Woman?’

2022 American online film talks about gender and transgender issues presented by conservative political commentator Matt Walsh. The documentary is currently available to stream on the Daily Wire’s official Twitter account and is also available on their website for subscribed members.