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Nagpur: The Economics paper of Maharashtra Board Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC) turned out to be of moderate difficulty for class XII students.
According to expert Mallika Kaleem, “The paper was medium and tricky. There were structural flaws in the objective type questions (assertion and reasoning). The rest of the objectives were simple. It was a skill and application-based paper.”
He further said, “Solving the numerical question from national income required conceptual knowledge, and the long answer type left the students clueless as they expected the highly demanding question ‘law of demand’ to be conspicuously missing.” But the tricky part was that Q6 wanted students to explain the shift in demand and the change that is part of the ‘law of demand and its exceptions and assumptions’.
CB Adarsh ​​Vidya Mandir lecturer Alpa Nagarnaik said that this time the paper was difficult. “This year the exam was conducted in a new format based on the revised and updated syllabus. Assertion and reasoning questions were a bit confusing. The lengthy questions were different from the normal ones. The rest of the questions were of moderate level, although the following questions were easy to answer and agree or disagree. The extended examination period helped the students a lot and I wish the students all the best for their results,” she said.
Rahul Upadhyay, student of GS College of Commerce and Economics, said, “The questions that came up were expected. I had enough time to solve the paper but it was difficult for me to answer the questions. The numbers made a huge impact on me. ,
Gunjan Prathananaware, another student of the same college, said, “The exam was fine. Most of the questions were easy and some were difficult but then it was important to note the weightage of marks as the difficult ones were of more marks.
The transition from online classes to offline exams was tough for Tanvi Kakamasara, due to which she felt less prepared. “Solving the paper was tough. I was able to solve only one part out of four in the last question carrying 16 marks. The rest were left incomplete due to paucity of time,” she said.
Harsh Kumar said, “Overall the paper was easy. He said, “Even though it took time to solve the questions, it was expected. The paper was a bit long. My exam was moderate and that’s how I would say today’s economics paper was for most of the students.
Samarth Lokhande said, “My exam went well. The protocol and atmosphere was very strict. But then, it was good to talk about the paper and everything that was asked was from the textbook.”
Expressing satisfaction, Ananya Dongre said, “I had a good exam and I am happy with the answers I have given. I would say that one who studied well and referenced the textbook would have written well. The paper had some questions which were confusing and time consuming.
(with inputs from Vaishnavi Iyer)

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