Duty of 7 doctors in the treatment of DM-Madam’s cow: Different people were engaged for seven days, the health of the animal will have to be given to the senior officer every day.

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  • Different people, who have spent seven days, will have to give information about the health of the animal to the senior officer every day.

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7 government doctors have been engaged to treat the cow of DM Madam of Fatehpur, UP. The seven doctors will take care of the cow on different days of the week. In this regard, an order has been issued by the Chief Medical Officer, Fatehpur. In which the doctors have been informed about their new duty. It has also been said in the order that the doctor on duty will have to inform the senior officer every day about the health of the cow.

Wife and husband both are IAS

The cow whose health is so disturbed by the Veterinary Department officials, it has been brought up by Fatehpur DM Apoorva Dubey. A total of three cows have been reared at the official residence of DM Madam. One of them is not keeping well these days. Due to which the officers of the veterinary department have become ready. DM Apoorva Dubey’s husband is also the DM of Kanpur.

‘The procrastination in that work is unforgivable’

How concerned are the officials of the Veterinary Department regarding DM’s cow. A glimpse of this can be seen in the last line of the letter. In which it is clearly written that ‘laxity in the said work is inexcusable’. That is, the doctors on duty were clearly told that no laxity would be tolerated in this work. Apart from 7 doctors, one vet has been kept in reserve for any kind of emergency.

Somebody mischievously made the letter viral

Officials of the Veterinary Department say that the government order in this regard was shared in the official group. Which has been made viral by mischief by an employee.

Now this letter is becoming very viral on social media. Users are appreciating the fate of DM madam’s cow.

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