Dreaming About Dogs? Here’s What It Could Signify

Dreams are a common phenomenon experienced while we are asleep. While at times they could consist of a replay and mix of thoughts from our subconscious mind, some specific dreams also have a significant meaning attached to them.

Sigmund Freud, who is considered the grandfather of psychology, argued in his book The Interpretations of Dreams that the imagery and events a person sees in their dream, symbolize their unconscious desires.

Dogs are loving, loyal and compassionate animals and it is quite common to witness them in dreams. In general, dogs are synonyms for friendship, loyalty and protection. Here we describe and decode what it means if you have been seeing dreams of a dog.

Dreaming About A Dog You Know Or Have Seen, Or Your Own Pet Dog

This could signify that you are missing someone or are seeking comfort and familiarity from people around you. You are adopting the behaviours of your pet like seeking praise or wanting someone to reward you with something. It could also mean that you are missing your own pet who would have passed away.

Happy dog
Happy dog

Dreaming Of Getting Chased By A Dog

If you dream of getting chased by a temperamental dog, it could mean that you are very anxious, stressed and tired. It could be that you are trying to avoid a difficult situation which is posing as a hurdle in your life. You are reluctant to face the life-changing decision that is awaiting your call.

Dreaming About A Dog Getting Hurt

Such a dream could mean that you are thinking of someone who is in deep pain, is unwell or going through some struggle. It could also mean that you yourself are going through a tough phase in life. Injured dogs drive sympathy and compassion which is the root cause of this dream.

Dreaming Of A Happy And Energetic Dog

Such a dream can be fun and provide you with comfort. Its meaning is quite the same. A happy and energetic dog in the dream can symbolise that you are healing from a stressful period of your life. It could also indicate that you are being guided by someone or someone is acting as your guardian angel.

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