DoT to probe Chinese tele gear used for expansion – Times of India

New Delhi: In another episode telecommunications Infrastructure Projects Executed by Chinese Companies Huawei And ZTETelecom Deptt (Telecom Deptt) has stated that the “expansion” of the existing network should only include trusted products of approved companies, or otherwise require permission from the ‘Designated Authority’ of the Government.
The DoT on Monday issued a new notification, adding the pre-mentioned “upgradation” along with the word “extension” where permission from the government body would be required. However, DoT retained the earlier exemptions given for projects involving annual maintenance contracts or updates to equipment already included in the network. The amendments will be applicable for all telecom licences.
In 2020, the government had approved national security directive on the telecommunications sector. Under this, the government had decided to declare a list of trusted sources and trusted products for installation in the country’s telecom network. So far the government has not included any Chinese equipment in the list.
The controls were ordered amid growing concerns in the government over “interference by Chinese elements” in India’s critical infrastructure. The government felt the need to secure the vital and growing Indian telecom space from unreliable vendors and unwanted elements at a time when border and diplomatic disputes with the country’s neighbor remain largely unresolved.