‘Don’t Worry, Virat Will Score Runs Whether He is Playing Under Rohit Or Any Captain’

Former captain Sunil Gavaskar has slammed the media for producing stories of rift between Virat Kohli and Rohit Sharma, adding that it was nothing but nonsense. Gavaskar cited the DRS incident which took place during the first ODI between India and West Indies in Ahmedabad where Kohli urged Rohit to review the Shamarh Brooks incident. The ball had kissed his bat and caught by the keeper. While Pant was not convinced, Kohli was vehement and urged the captain to take it upstairs where he was proved right. Gavaskar asked why wouldn’t the two biggest superstars get along? As they are playing for India.

“Why wouldn’t they be getting along? They are playing for India. All these talks that you generally hear about two players not gelling and etc. are all speculations. According to reliable sources or allegedly or reportedly. Nobody actually tells you and this has been happening for a years. And these guys don’t even bother about it. You wouldn’t even bother about these kind of speculations because you yourself know what the truth is. And so there is nothing,” he told Star Sports after India’s six-wicket win in the opener.

“There are often speculations that the captain who is now a player in the team will not want the new captain to succeed. This is nonsense. Because if he doesn’t score runs or a bowler doesn’t pick wickets then he is going to be out of the team. He has already lost the captaincy or opted out of captaincy, now you don’t contribute with the bat or ball then you are going to be out of the team. So all these talks are mere speculations from people who have nothing better to do and are trying and creating stories,” he said.

“So don’t you worry. Today Kohli didn’t get runs but he will get runs whether he is playing under Rohit Sharma or any other captain.”

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