Don’t have AC or cooler? Follow these 5 tips to keep your house cool this summer

Follow these tips to keep your house cool this summer
Image Source : FREEPIK Follow these tips to keep your house cool this summer.

It is so hot in most parts of India that even the fan is not having any effect. Fans are also blowing hot air like a hot wind. The heat has stolen the sleep of those who do not have the facility of an AC or a cooler. Some people take a bath at night while some sleep after wetting their clothes. In such a situation, we are telling you some tips to get relief from the heat, which will keep your house and room cool. This will also reduce the feeling of heat. Know how to keep your house cool in this scorching heat?

How to keep the house cool in summer?

Use light curtains- You should use light curtains in the house during summer. The curtains should be such that air can pass through them easily. Cotton curtains are considered to be the best in summer. Use bright coloured curtains like pink, sky blue, off white in the house during summer.

Keep the exhaust fan running- Sometimes cooking food inside the house also causes heat. Therefore, always keep the exhaust fan running. This takes out the hot air from the house and keeps the house cool. The exhaust fan helps in keeping the house cool.

Cross ventilation- It is important to always maintain cross ventilation inside the house. For this, open the doors and windows on the opposite sides of the house. This allows cool air to enter the house and hot air to escape from the house.

Wet the roof- If your house is single or double-storey, then definitely pour water on the roof in the evening. This will cool the hot roof and when you turn on the fan, cold air will come instead of hot air. This will help you sleep peacefully at night.

Plant trees on the balcony and at home- To keep the house cool in summer, plant as many trees as possible on the balcony. This will make the air cool and pure. If you want, you can plant trees inside the house as well. This will give a feeling of coolness and a cool look.

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