Do you know Akshay Kumar wore a dress weighing 6 kg for Emperor Prithviraj?


Samrat Prithviraj to release on June 3


  • Akshay Kumar reveals that his clothes were not heavier than the actual clothes of the warriors
  • Emperor Prithviraj Chauhan, Shivaji Maharaj used to wear such clothes which weighed about 35-40 kg.
  • On top of that, real warriors carried large swords, adding to the weight

bollywood star Akshay Kumar It is revealed how he wore a dress weighing 6 kg to play the titular role in “Prithviraj”.

Akshay had come to promote his film along with co-actor Manushi Chhillar and director Chandraprakash Dwivedi. He shares how he had to wear clothes that were heavier, but not heavier, than the actual clothes worn by the real warriors of history.

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The actor says: “The clothes I wore in ‘Prithviraj’ weighed around 5-6 or 4-5 kg. Still, the real warriors of our past, Emperor Prithviraj Chauhan, Shivaji Maharaj, used to wear clothes that weighed Around 35- 40 kg.”

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“On top of that they carried these big swords. They were real warriors. And they used to fight in heavy attire,” he adds.

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