Do You Face Difficulty Spotting FAKE NEWS? Here are FIVE STEPS to Check Them

New Delhi: With a constant flood of information without credible sources, the epidemic of fake news is a huge problem, especially on social media. It has become difficult to differentiate between real and fake news. However, there are some ways by which you can spot fake news being widely circulated on social media platforms.

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PIB has given some ways through which users can detect fake news on these platforms.

  1. Where do you get your information – Do your due diligence on any suspicious website or domain name before trusting it.
  2. Investigation is mandatory – don’t believe the sensational headlines; It is better to read the complete news and then trust it.
  3. Be aware – it is always better to trust trusted websites such as government sites and documents.
  4. The more, the better – it is important to check whether the information is available on more than one reliable source.
  5. First check, then share- Do not share any news or information before checking it properly.

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Is there any scheme to give loan through Aadhaar card at 2% interest under PM scheme?

The Press Information Bureau found in its fact check that the claim of loan of 2 percent interest rate given under the PM scheme is fake. It is suggested not to share such messages on social media platforms. It may try to snatch your personal information.

This is completely fake.