Did you know that sleeping with makeup on can lead to aging and breakouts?

Many times we get up late at night after getting tired of the house and to wake up early the next morning we go to sleep without removing the makeup, but do you know that sleeping without makeup at night leads to acne and ageing. Even though it may seem like a temptation, you should know the harmful effects of sleeping without taking off your makeup.

New skin cells are pushed to the surface during the cell turnover process, while old skin cells fall off. Makeup leaves these dead skin cells at bay, resulting in a dull complexion and an aged appearance. Throughout the day, oxidative stress traps debris and cosmetics, breaking down the skin barrier.

Sleeping with makeup on prevents the skin from renewing itself, resulting in healthy collagen breakdown. Light cannot reflect off the skin, making it look aged and rough. Fine lines and wrinkles can appear as a result of cosmetics that interfere with cell turnover.

While you sleep, the cell regeneration process lubricates the hair follicles and allows oil to flow over the surface of the skin. Oil gets trapped by residual makeup, resulting in blocked pores and clogged pores. Throughout the day, makeup interacts with the contaminants it comes into contact with the environment. These by-products degrade your skin and attract acne-causing germs.

Plus, foundation and thick, oil-based primer often create blackheads and dull skin. Sleeping with makeup on can lead to an infection if you have an active pimple. To keep your skin fresh and youthful, remove your makeup and let it recover. By removing your makeup before going to bed, you can reduce skin irritation, dryness and breakouts.

A simple and efficient night wash procedure can make washing your face before bedtime a pleasant and painless experience. Failure to remove makeup puts a barrier on your skin, preventing skin products from being absorbed. Always remove your makeup before going to bed so that moisturizing and anti-aging creams can work.

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