Did you know that Sanjeev Kapoor was initially rejected for Khana Khazana?

Khana Khazana starring Chef Sanjeev Kapoor was one of the most famous food-based shows on Indian television. It was produced by award winning filmmaker Hansal Mehta. But do you know that Sanjeev Kapoor was initially rejected by the makers. correct.

In an interaction with Mashable India, Hansal recalled the time when he saw Sanjeev Kapoor for the first time and how the two started shooting for the show. “I would go to hotels, looking for chefs who would look presentable. I went to Centaur, which is now the Tulip Star Banquet Hall. I asked the manager. He presented my four cooks as if it was my swayamvara. ‘Choose the one you like’. So we’re all having coffee and another man in a chef’s coat comes in. He tells me to tell him if he needs anything, ‘My name is Sanjeev Kapoor’. He was not invited by the FnB manager,” said Hansal.

After he started shooting, the channel decided not to go with Sanjeev Kapoor. cause? Chanel thought a woman would make a better impression. “Housewives want someone to relate, the woman cooking, not the man,” he said.

Initially, Hansal complied with the demand made by the channel and started the show with a female chef. The show failed to strike a chord with the audience. By the 12th episode, the channel had decided to close the show. In the last few episodes, Hansal was asked to do what he liked. This was the time when Hansal called Sanjeev Kapoor. “Sanjeev came to me and asked me ‘what should I make’? I showed him paneer, spinach, chicken, onion, tomato and stuff. And, he brought a dish called Sham Savera.”

And the rest is history.

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