Diarrhea is common in summer. Know these home remedies to deal with it

Diarrhea is a common problem during the summer and it can happen to people of all ages. Diarrhea is usually caused by a virus or contaminated food. Frequent, loose, watery stools and abdominal pain are common symptoms of the disease. But diarrhea can be dealt with by some easy home remedies.

1. Ginger: Ginger is a medicine in itself. Ginger cures everything from pain to nausea. It is effective in case of stomach upset. Ginger is an anti-inflammatory that helps in treating diarrhea.

2. Chamomile tea: A cup of chamomile tea helps in reducing the pain of upset stomach by acting as an anti-inflammatory agent. These anti-inflammatory properties help to relax the abdominal muscles, reducing pain.

3. BRAT DIET: BRAT stands for Banana, Rice, Apple Chutney and Toast. This BRAT diet helps to soothe an upset stomach. It deals with nausea in diarrhea. BRAT consists of low fiber, high binding foods. None of these foods contain salt or spices, which can make symptoms worse. This diet is known to treat diarrhea at home.

4. Peppermint: Peppermint is a useful remedy for nausea and upset stomach as the menthol in its leaves is a natural pain reliever.

5. Apple Cider Vinegar: Taking one spoon of apple cider vinegar mixed with one cup of water and one spoon of honey provides relief from upset stomach. The acids in apple vinegar help reduce the digestion of starch, allowing it to pass into the intestines and keep the bacteria in the gut healthy.

These are just some of the home remedies to deal with diarrhea. Prolonged diarrhea often leads to dehydration. Drinking small sips of water at regular intervals helps to prevent dehydration during diarrhea. But if someone is experiencing nausea or abdominal pain and diarrhea persists for more than 48 hours, they should consult a doctor.

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