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Taking a step to ensure fair gameplay on our battle royale titles, crafton announced device restrictions feature a few weeks ago. This feature is now rolling out in the India-specific version of the game, battleground mobile india,
Crafton began rolling out the device ban feature for its battle royale title, battlefield mobile India. So, what does this mean for players, hackers and fraudsters? In this article, we explain everything you need to know about BGMI’s device restriction feature.
While announcing the feature, the company called it an important safety feature for gamers.
How the new device restriction feature works
Crafton has explained that the new device restriction system detects that if a player is cheating or has cheated in-game, their device (which they use to log into their account) is flagged and banned. will be done.
will this be a permanent ban
Yes, the company has also emphasized on the fact that the device ban is permanent and there is nothing the user can do to unban their device as is the case with account restrictions. Users will need to get another device to log in using their account and play the game.
What does this mean for users
For users, the device restriction will bring a fair gaming environment to play and compete with others. It will also ensure that no player is using unfair means or hacking tricks to gain an unfair advantage in the game.
How it will affect hackers and fraudsters
This feature has been designed to eliminate hackers and cheaters from the game. With the new device ban feature, it will become another challenge for hackers to prevent their device from getting banned. This also means that they will not be able to create a new BGMI account and log in again on the same device.
Do accounts get banned with the device?
There is a possibility that if you or someone else is caught cheating, both the device and the account will be banned in accordance with the game’s anti-cheat policies. However, if the device becomes restricted and the account can be used normally, users can use the same account to log in on another device to play the game.