Delhi’s Momo Omelette Is The Internet’s Latest Food Nightmare – News18

Last Updated: March 28, 2024, 15:28 IST

A user wrote, “RIP momos.” (Photo Credits: Instagram)

A user wrote, “RIP momos.” (Photo Credits: Instagram)

The food vendor revealed that he was inspired to create the Momo Omelette after his daughter showed interest in momos.

Humans are naturally curious, often enjoy experimenting with different things and food is no exception. But, not all culinary experiments turn out to be successful and the internet is filled with several bizarre food combinations. Delhi is known for its vibrant street food scene, particularly its love for momos. Now, a street food vendor decided to take their experimenting skills to new heights by combining momos with omelette. A Delhi based content creator recently came across this unique creation and showed its bizarre preparation on Instagram. The food vendor revealed that he was inspired to create the Momo Omelette after his daughter showed interest in momos. Social media users aren’t impressed and roasted the street food vendor for ruining the beloved dish.

In the video, the seller, well known for combining numerous food items in omelette, begins by frying pre-made momos in butter. Once cooked, he removes them from the pan and adds omelette mixture along with spices and vegetables. Surprisingly, he reveals that the mixture contains 15-18 type of spices, a recipe originally invented by his father. He then adds the fried momos to the omelette and flips to cook the other side. Throughout the process, he shares how much his daughter love momos and feels confident that she would enjoy this dish too.

Reacting to the clip, a user shared, “Aisa faltu video se viral ho rahe hain uncle. Isliye aur faltu omelette recipe create kar rahe. (Uncle is getting viral from such useless videos. That’s why he’s creating even more useless omelette recipes).”

Another wrote, “RIP momos.” An individual wondered, “Kyu kar rahe hain log khane pe itna attyachar. Zaruri hai kya 2 alag alag cheezon ko khane mei milana. (Why are people torturing food like this? Is it necessary to mix two different things together while eating?)”

“Ab bitiya ko momos se nafrat ho jayegi. (Now his daughter will start hating momos),” a comment read. An account remarked, “Alag alag kha lo bhai swaad le kar, ye banana kab band karenge log, khane pe taras aata hai. (When will people stop making such things? It’s heartbreaking to see what people do with food).”

Since the content creator shared the weird recipe of Momos Omelette on Instagram, it has gone viral.