Delhi Water Crisis: Atishi Writes to PM Modi, Says Will Go on Indefinite Fast from June 21 if Situation Not Resolved – News18

Delhi Water Minister Atishi. (Image: PTI)

Delhi Water Minister Atishi. (Image: PTI)

Delhi is grappling with a severe water crisis, prompting Minister Atishi to seek intervention from Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Atishi has announced a potential protest beginning June 21 if the issue is not addressed promptly.

Delhi Water Minister Atishi has written to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, seeking his help to resolve the water crisis in the national capital amid soaring temperatures. She also threatened to go on an indefinite fast from June 21 if the matter was not resolved.

“I have written to Prime Minister Narendra Modi over the water crisis requesting him to resolve the issue. If the crisis is not solved within two days, I will go on an indefinite strike from June 21,” she said.

Atishi said Delhi was grappling with a water crisis as Haryana was not releasing the capital’s share of water.

“Yesterday, Haryana released 513 MGD of water to Delhi as against 613 MGD. One MGD of water is for 28,500 people. This means that water was not released for over 28 lakh people,” she added.

Atishi said they have written multiple letters to the Haryana government to resolve the issue.

Meanwhile, Delhi BJP president Virendra Sachdeva accused Atishi of indulging in theatrics to distract attention from theft and black marketing of water, and said that the AAP government should be sacked for its inaction.

Atishi has now stooped to theatrics to divert attention from theft and black marketing of water. Haryana provided surplus water to Delhi yesterday and there are official documents to prove it but she is now resorting to drama, he charged.

“This government should be sacked,” he said alleging the ruling AAP failed to provide water to the people of Delhi.

Delhi Congress chief Devender Yadav said that Atishi should have written the letter to Prime Minister Modi earlier.

Long queues witnessed at tankers

People were seen in queues on Wednesday to fetch water from tankers in various parts of the national capital, as they continue to face a water shortage amid the scorching heat.

Morning visuals showed people from Kusumpur Pahadi in Vasant Vihar in South West Delhi to Geeta Colony in East Delhi and Okhla in South East Delhi standing in queues, holding onto cans and buckets and crowding around water tankers.

Amid soaring temperatures, these scenes have become a daily occurrence in the national capital in many areas since the start of the summer season this year.

Chanakyapuri’s Sanjay Camp, Geeta Colony in East Delhi, Patel Nagar, Mehrauli, and Chhatarpur are some of the areas in the national capital that have been affected by the severe water crisis.

A local resident from Okhla described his plight and said that instead of protesting all the political parties should stand together and find a solution to this issue.

“Every year during May and June, Delhi faces a water crisis. For the last ten years after the Kejriwal government was formed we have been getting water from one way or the other. Haryana is not giving water. Every summer this issue arises. Once the monsoon commences this difficulty will be over. We are getting water from the arrangements done by the Delhi government. BJP has won all 7 seats from Delhi in the Lok Sabha polls. Each party should support each other instead of protesting. Nothing will happen by staging the Matka Phor protest. The MPs should also arrange water in the city,” he said.

Meanwhile, Haryana has conveyed its incapacity to provide additional water supplies to Delhi on humanitarian grounds amidst the current water crisis.