Delhi Police revises SOP on health welfare for personnel amid omicron menace

Amid the rise in the number of coronavirus cases and its new version, Omicron, the Delhi Police has revised the standard operating procedure on health welfare for its personnel, saying that an officer of the rank of Inspector and above should be given personal protection. should visit the hospitalized personnel. or their kin on a regular basis, according to an official statement released on Wednesday. Special Commissioner of Police (Welfare) Shalini Singh held a meeting with all district and unit heads and other stakeholders on Wednesday to examine the overall preparedness in view of community spread of Omicron, the statement said.

Singh stressed the need for strict adherence to the recently revised SOP issued by the Delhi Police Commissioner, the statement said. “The revised SOP is more detailed and covers the complete well being of our personnel suffering from any disease and admitted to the hospital for medical treatment. DCPs and unit heads have been designated as nodal health officers.

“The Nodal Health Officer shall ensure that an officer of the rank of Inspector or above personally meets the hospitalized personnel or their relatives regularly till he/she becomes fit. In case of outstation cases, video-conferencing with the sick or their family members should be ensured along with regular feedback on the health of the sick personnel.” All eight wellness centers and two COVID care centers in Rohini and Shahdara for any medical emergency. District heads should liaise with collectors to convert them into vaccination centres, the statement said.

District and unit heads should take stock of oxygen cylinders, concentrators, sanitizers, masks, preventive medicines etc. and keep all the equipment ready. They should also approach doctors for counseling of personnel. Staff data should be updated for administration of booster doses of COVID vaccines. The family members of police personnel should be motivated to get vaccinated against the viral disease and people in the age group of 15-18 should be urged to register themselves on the Kovin portal, the statement said.

Estate Officers of Police Colonies should set up a helpdesk to facilitate the registration process and installation of CoWIN application on mobile phones. Necessary precautions such as wearing of masks, maintaining social distancing and regular hygiene should be repeated frequently during the morning and evening briefings. Office premises and vehicles should be sanitized regularly, the statement said.

“Immunity booster kits and COVID-19 protection kits should be arranged for ready distribution whenever required. If necessary, liaison officers contact local hospitals and reserve beds for our personnel. Quarantine rooms should also be arranged for those living outside Delhi.

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