Delhi MCD Election Results: AAP Secures Majority, Wins 134 out of 250 Seats

Delhi MCD Election Result: Aam Aadmi Party Has secured a majority in the Delhi Municipal Corporation elections. It has won 134 out of 250 seats. BJP has got 104 seats.

At the same time, 9 seats have gone to the account of Congress and three seats have gone to the account of independent candidates. There was a close fight between BJP and AAP in the corporation elections.

Sometimes BJP had the upper hand and sometimes AAP. But finally you got absolute majority.

When the voters of outer Delhi showed faith in AAP, BJP’s magic worked in East Delhi. In East Delhi, AAP got 26 seats, BJP 42 and Congress 8.

In outer Delhi, AAP got 74 seats and BJP got only 40 seats. In South Delhi, 34 and BJP got 21 seats. AAP has suffered a crushing defeat on the Chauhan Bangar seat.